CCAOSC Inmate Pay Phone Commission Program

Following a federal court ruling to require AT&T to divest its long distance phone holdings in 1988, CCAO established a pay phone commission program to provide inmate phone service to County Jails/correctional facilities and to allow counties to produce revenue from the substantial services being provided by the program.

Benefits of the Program

Three alternative methods that provide a new source of revenue: debit select, card connect and prepaid collect.

  • Allowing the county jail or correctional facility to block or unblock numbers.
  • Receiving call traffic reports, call detail history and complaint history by PIN number.
  • Informing the end user that the call is originating from a correctional facility before he or she accepts the call.
  • Provide the inmate’s family with an alternative calling method that will help with budget constraints and reduce overall cost.

Counties receive a percent of billable long distance calls placed from pay phones in county facilities and from collect only calls in county jails. Counties also benefit by the state of the art phone facilities in county jails and can also avail themselves of supplemental value added services, including video arraignment.

Approximately 66 counties participate in this CCAOSC-sponsored program. CCAO has selected Securus Technologies to administer the program.

Securus Technologies is an endorsed CCAOSC program partner.

For further information, please contact:

Securus Technologies
Alyssa McDonald
Senior Account Manager
4000 International Parkway
Carrolton, TX 75007

County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation
John Leutz
CCAO Assistant Director
209 E. State Street
Columbus, OH 43215-4309
614/221-5627 or 888/7571904


Ohio Counties Participating in CCAOSC Inmate Pay Phone Commission Program