Grants and Funding Opportunities

Federal and state grant programs are a valuable resource for counties. They offer a funding stream for specific projects that might otherwise have to be funded through the General Fund, if they would even be pursued at all. 

This page provides a listing of available grant programs through both the federal government and the state government. It will be updated as application windows open and close and as new programs are announced. If you are aware of a program that is not listed but you believe should be, please email Research Analyst Nick Ciolli.

If you have questions specific to a particular grant, please contact the applicable member of the Policy Team:

  • Managing Director of Policy Kyle Petty: Justice and public safety
  • Senior Policy Analyst Jon Honeck: General government functions, infrastructure
  • Outreach and Member Engagement Manager Rachel Reedy: General government functions, human services, workforce development
  • Policy Analyst James Kennedy: Water quality, rural affairs

Two notes regarding the "Eligibility Criteria" column in the tables below: First, only the criteria under which county governments can apply are listed. An entry of "county governments" is not meant to imply that the grant is available to only counties. Second, some of the grant programs listed below may not be available to county governments. These are listed because, while the county itself may be unable to apply, other organizations such as non-profits may be able to, and the purpose of the grant is one of value that counties may recommend organizations apply for. These grants will be noted as such under the "Eligibility Criteria" column by the inclusion of "[non-county grant]".

State Grant Programs

Grant Program

Brief Summary

Eligibility Criteria

Amount Available

Application Due Date

Hazardous Materials Training and Planning Grants To assist in the training of public safety and emergency services personnel in the proper techniques for the management of hazardous materials spills. Public safety and emergency services agencies.


May 31

Violence Against Women Act Grant To enhance the capacity of local communities to develop and strengthen effective law enforcement and prosecution strategies to combat violent crimes against women and to develop and strengthen victim services in cases involving violent crimes against women. Counties


25% Match

June 5

Step Outside Grant To assist local governments promote outdoor activities that the local government agency otherwise would not be able to afford. Local government agencies 

Max award: $500

June 30

(Rolling throughout state fiscal year)

Freight Rail Development Program Support rail-related business development projects to help companies and communities take advantage of rail transportation. Counties, regional planning organizations, convention centers, and more

$2 million available

June 30

Technology Ambassador (SFY 24-25) To promote the ongoing development of Tech Ambassadors in Ohio. Tech Ambassadors will enhance supportive technology in Ohio for individuals with developmental disabilities with or without Home and Community Based Waivers. County boards of developmental disabilities

(One award to be granted)

July 7

Capacity Building To help develop internal organizational projects that engage the services of outside experts to improve practices, build skills, and/or engage in planning. Government entities that provide arts programming

Max award: $5,000

November 1 (rolling applications)

Grant Funded Brownfield Technical Assistance To help cover costs associated with providing technical assistance by Ohio EPA staff with property assessment and cleanup. Local governments, councils of governments, land banks, and others

Max award: $150,000

December 29


Due to the volume of available federal grants, instead of presenting them in a single table as done for state grants, they are grouped into tables based on what month the applications are due.

In addition to this page, another useful resource for information regarding federal grants available to counties is the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law resource page hosted by NACo. Some may be posted here as well but we recommend you keep tabs on both pages.

Counties may also find the following links regarding how to use, the main federal intergovernmental assistance portal, useful: A presentation slide deck and the accompanying recording, as well as a one-page guide.

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