County Bill Tracker

The CCAO Policy Team monitors hundreds of bills per legislative session as part of its role in advocating on behalf of county commissioners, executives, and council members.  To help keep members informed, the Policy Team is sharing its bill tracker.

Bills are categorized as to which CCAO Standing Committee the subject matter falls under. Users may navigate between committee through the buttons below. 

This page will highlight key bills, while the remainder of the bills will be displayed in the applicable committee page.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs Elections General Government Human Services JEDI
Justice & Public Safety
  Taxation & Finance

House Bill 86

To revise specified provisions of the liquor control, hemp, and adult-use marijuana laws and to levy taxes on marijuana.

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House Bill 354

To modify the law governing the cultivation, processing, dispensing, testing, and taxation of adult use cannabis and to levy a gross receipts tax on marijuana cultivators.

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House Bill 2

To create local jail facility funding programs and to make certain capital appropriations for the biennium ending June 30, 2026.

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