Publications & Documents

County Advisory Bulletins

County Advisory Bulletins (CABs) provide an overview of recently enacted laws that impact county procedures and operations, or that provide commissioners with additional options in terms of managing county structures, budgets, etc.

CABs are written by the policy staff to provide a resource to better understand and successfully implement laws at the county level.

CCAO Handbook

CCAO’s handbook chapters provide an in-depth overview of county government by topic. References to applicable revised code sections, administrative code sections, and attorney general opinions are included, as is practical advice learned through experience.

Statehouse Report

The Statehouse Report is a weekly update on legislative activity that impacts county government.

2022 Candidates Briefing Guide

The Candidates Briefing Guide is a summary of county government and priority issues provided to all legislative and statewide candidates.

County Data Exchange

Periodically-issued, county data exchange bulletins provide a county-by-county analysis of various issues of importance to counties, from an overview of governance of various agencies within the counties, to taxation and finance issues and options, to general historical information.