About Policy and Advocacy

A major purpose of CCAO is to monitor legislation and educate members of the General Assembly and the Administration on issues of importance to counties. Legislation and rules enacted in Columbus directly influence the management and financing of county government. The CCAO policy team provides technical assistance to counties, creates and updates resources on state policy and legislation pertinent to counties, and advocates on behalf of counties before the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government.

Top Priorities for 2021

  • Full funding for indigent defense – The state should take the final step, building on the significant progress made in the last state budget, to fully reimburse counties for the provision of indigent defense, which under the federal constitution is the responsibility of the state.

  • Secure revenue stability – Counties have experienced significant revenue challenges over the last several years. The loss of the Medicaid MCO sales tax and severe reductions in the Local Government Fund (LGF) eliminated over $300 million per year in county revenue. In order to stabilize county revenue, the state must protect the sales tax base, the primary revenue source for county government, from new carve outs and exemptions. Restoring the LGF to 3.68% of GRF receipts would create an additional $145 million annually for counties.

  • Support counties in implementing and funding the federal Family First Prevention Services Act and new state Kinship Support Program.

  • Promote broadband expansion through state investment to ensure no Ohioan is excluded from the benefits of a digitally connected world.

County Activity on Policy Issues

Letters and testimony offered by counties and CCAO staff on bills that affect county government.

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