County Advisory Bulletins Archive

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90-5   Changes in the Competitive Bidding and Cooperative Purchasing Laws
90-4   County and Township Zoning Affected by New Planned Unit Development Law
90-3   Impact of the 1990 Census on Elected Officials Salaries
90-2   Sick Leave on Separation/Proration of Vacation
90-1   Recent Changes in Ohio’s Solid Waste Law and Amendment


89-2   Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Law
89-1   County Economic Development Office Authority


88-5   County Elected Officials Compensation
88-4   Law Changes Rules on Sunshine:  Ohio’s Open Meeting Law Tightens
88-3   New Urban and Rural Enterprise Zone Law
88-2   Changes in General Assistance Medical Program
88-1   County Auditors Compensation Modified with Estate Tax Fee Adjustment


87-7   County Cluster for Services to Youth
87-6   County Purchasing:  Bid Bond Requirements Change
87-5   Purchasing of Insurance Exempted from Competitive Bidding
87-4   Changes in the County Permissive Sales Tax Law
87-3   New Child Support Enforcement Law
87-2   New County Permissive Motor Vehicle Tax Authority
87-1   Early Retirement Incentive Plans


None available  


85-3   Establishment of 911 Phone System
85-2   Children’s Trust Fund:  Am. Sub. H.B. 319 (12/84)
85-1   Details of New Salary Bill for County Elected Officials


84-6   County Human Services Department Financing
84-5   Compliance with Revenue Sharing Handicapped Regulations
84-4   Cost Management Techniques for Health Insurance Plans
84-3   Health Coverage for Terminated Employees
84-2   The Pick Up of Employee Retirement Contributions Part II
84-2   The Pick Up of Employee Retirement Contributions Part I
84-1   The Local Government Fund


83-2   Human Services Provisions in the FY 1984-85 Budget (Am Sub HB 291)
83-1   Changes in the Local Government Fund


82-6   Computation of Tax Effort for Revenue Sharing Allocation
82-5   Salaries of County Elected Officials for 1983 and 1984
82-4   Ohio Agricultural Preservation Legislation
82-3   The New Sick Leave Law
82-2   Oil and Gas Drilling
82-1   Counties May Levy Up To 1% Permissive Sales Tax


81-2   Provisions of the State Budget Affecting Counties
81-1   Humane Animal Death Law Passed


80-5   Payments to Townships for Annexation
80-4   Bid Guaranty Requirements for Construction Projects
80-3   County Home Law Updated
80-2   The Role of Counties in Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence
80-1   Enactment of County Lodging Tax


79-5   Contempt Power of Courts Limited in Matters Concerning Appropriations for Courts
79-4   Notification of Townships on Subdivision Plats
79-3   CETA Employees Hired After June 30, Exempt from PERS
79-2   Sick Leave for County Employees
79-1   County Homes Must Comply with Bill of Residents’ Rights


78-10  Adoption of Urban Sediment Regulations
78-9   Counties Require to Conduct Annual Evaluations of Children’s Services
78-8   Retention of Legal Counsel by County Commissioners
78-7   Municipal Incorporation Law Modified
78-6   Counties May Establish Microfilming Boards
78-5   Counties May Self Insure Officials and Employees Against Liability
78-4   New Overtime Law Affects County Employees
78-3   Revenue Sharing Calendar
78-2   County Tax Budget Procedures and Revenue Sharing
78-1   Recovering County Central Service Cost of Federal Programs


77-7   Counties Must File Progress Reports on Affirmative Action Plans
77-6   Counties May Establish Reinvestment Areas and Grant Property Tax Exemptions
77-5   Counties Required to  Appoint Welfare Advisory Boards
77-4   County Budget Procedures and Revenue Sharing
77-3   The National Flood Insurance Program
77-2   Essential Collective Bargaining Terms
77-1   Unclassified Fiduciary and Personal County Employees


76-12  Layoffs
76-11  Major Provisions of the New Revenue Sharing Law
76-10  New Law Concerns Award and Payment of Construction Contracts
76-9    Amendments to Ohio’s Prevailing Wage Law
76-8    Deferred Compensation for County Employees
76-7    Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
76-6    State and Federal Collective Bargaining Legislation
76-5    Counties May Require Sewer Connections
76-4    Understanding Workmen’s Compensation
76-3    Counties and the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Law
76-2    Removing County Employees Under Ohio Civil Service Law
76-1    New Law Provides for Service Station Fees


75-3    Sunshine Law Becomes Effective November 28
75-2    Ohio’s Prevailing Wage Law
75-1    The National Flood Insurance Program