Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC)

Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) is a third-party administrator (TPA) based in Madison, Wisconsin, with a heavy focus on flexible spending accounts (FSA) or Section 125 Cafeteria plan FSAs. They have been in business for over 40 years and are the largest privately held TPA in the country. They have over 80,000 clients and over 1 million participants they serve. TASC serves the public sector market as well as the private sector and has many Ohio governments including Ohio counties. The largest client public sector client they serve is the federal government along with The Ohio State University, and many other small to large private and public groups.

The FSA that TASC is offering to CCAO member counties is the best FSA in the industry, with members enjoying a 10 percent discount on fees making them ultra-competitive with some of the best fees in the nation. The FSA covers medical expenses including chiropractic and psychiatric care, dental expenses, vision expenses including contacts, daycare expenses, transportation expenses and parking expenses.  The tools available to county employees are smart card debit cards, apps for phones, an easy to navigate web site, and both fax and mail capabilities.

The FSA in general is a winner for everyone. County employees enjoy federal, state and their portion of FICA tax (Medicare) savings. The county also saves the portion they pay per employee in FICA (Medicare) taxes. The county savings in matching taxes more than cover the fees the county pays which makes the program virtually free. Flex plans have been around since the 70’s, and those savings have been huge for counties and employees. Today, the newer technologies have made FSAs very easy to use, and as a CCAO Preferred Provider endorsed company, the 10 percent savings makes it even better.

For more information, contact

Mark J. Miehl
Vice President of NorthEast Group Sales
Total Administrative Services Corporation
2302 International Lane
Madison, WI 53704-3140
800-422-4661 ext. 8861
Fax 608/316-6048

John Leutz
Legislative Counsel
209 East State Street
Columbus, OH  43215-4309
614/221-5627 or 888/757-1904
Fax 614/221-6986