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Excess Workers Compensation Program

In response to members’ requests, in June 2008 the CCAO Board of Directors approved a new program to provide service and savings for counties – the County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation (CCAOSC) Excess Workers’ Compensation Program. This program combines high-quality claims administration services with competitively priced excess coverage for counties choosing to self-insure their workers’ compensation. CompManagement, Inc. and Excess Comp Specialists have joined CCAOSC as partners in this program.

CompManagement is CCAOSC’s partner in the CCAOSC Excess Workers’ Compensation Program to provide claims administration services for counties choosing to self-insure their workers’ compensation. For excess insurance coverage, CCAOSC has partnered with Excess Comp Specialists (ECS) to provide our program with access to the most secure and competitive markets for the benefit of our members.

Generally, a county with strong financials (i.e., audit results, bond rating, etc.) and more than 400 employees can consider self-insuring workers’ compensation. The CCAOSC Excess Workers Compensation Program will assist counties in evaluating self-insurance, provide high-quality claims administration services and competitively priced excess coverage. The process begins with a feasibility study prepared by CompManagement. CCAOSC and CompManagement can then assist counties in obtaining BWC approval, obtaining excess insurance and implementing their self-insured program.

CompManagement Inc. and Excess Comp Specialists are endorsed CCAOSC program partners.

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