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Cyber Security Assessment Program

As more daily functions of county business are centered on computers and the web for information storing and sharing, the exposure to potential security threats increases. The County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation (CCAOSC) has identified a need to assist counties in testing cyber security so counties could better address the vulnerabilities of their IP networks.

How does the program work? CCAOSC has endorsed HG Consulting, LLC (HGC) to carry out our Cyber Security Assessment Program. HGC addresses cyber security by offering counties a vulnerability scan and a follow-up report. This scan will look at a county’s internal vulnerability and provide a detailed rating for vulnerabilities in different areas. The scan is external only and will not include entering and actually looking at county internal data. The program is an opportunity for counties to inexpensively stay current on their internet security needs.

Because CORSA is providing this service for all of their member counties, CCAOSC is able to build on the volume contract pricing CORSA has negotiated. CCAOSC can offer a bargain price to the remaining counties not covered by CORSA membership.

HG Consulting, LLC is an endorsed CCAOSC program partner. HG Consulting is an independent IT expert that will not be upselling additional services to the county.

For further information, please contact:

County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation
Keith Blosser
Managing Director of Operations
209 East State Street
Columbus, OH  43215
614/221-5627 or 888/757-1904
Fax 614/221-6986 or

Hamilton Gottschall
HG Consulting, LLC
3958 Thims Court
Hilliard, OH 43026