CCAOSC Workers’ Comp Group Retro Plan

CCAOSC Workers’ Comp Group Retrospective Rating Plan

Group Retrospective Rating (“Group Retro”) is a performance-based incentive program designed to reward a group of similar employers who are effectively managing safety and workers’ comp claims. This reward is in the form of rebates which are based upon the group achieving lower than average claims experience in a given year. Group Retro guidelines are outlined in OAC 4123-17-73 and 68.

Each group is organized through a BWC-certified sponsor who is responsible for screening potential group retro members based upon safety and claims management criteria established by the Group. The group sponsor must provide education and communication to group members on safety and reducing workplace injuries, and must submit a safety plan each year to be approved by the BWC.

Group retrospective rating member employers initially pay their individual experience rated premium to the BWC as if they were not in a retro group. The total of the individual premiums for the group members is the “standard premium” of the group. 12 months after the end of the policy year, the BWC will calculate the group retrospective premium, based upon developed incurred claim losses of the entire group. The BWC will then compare the group retrospective premium to the standard premium. If the retrospective premium is lower than the standard premium, group members will receive a rebate of the difference. If the retrospective premium is higher, each group member will be charged an assessment to cover the shortfall. This calculation is done again at 24 and 36 months, providing a financial incentive for group members to continuously work on safety and claims management.

Since 2010, the CCAOSC Group Retrospective Rating Plan has saved member counties millions of dollars. Members must meet the group’s underwriting guidelines and agree to implement the Group’s written Safety and Claims Management Expectations.

CCAO contracts with Sedgwick to administer the Group Retro Plan.Sedgwick is an endorsed CCAOSC program partner. For further information, please contact:

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