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CCAOSC Natural Gas Program

The County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation (CCAOSC) partnered with the Palmer Energy Company to help manage a natural gas program for member counties. The program was designed specifically to help counties save money on their natural gas bill by utilizing the strength of group buying. By grouping together, counties can leverage their buying power when shopping the market, thus securing the best deals possible. The independent energy professionals of the Palmer Energy Company, on behalf of the CCAOSC, obtain the best price for natural gas from various reputable suppliers through the RFP process. Advisory committee meetings are held for oversight purposes regarding the natural gas program. Presently there are over 50 counties participating. Those counties are collectively saving millions of dollars in the program.

Palmer Energy Company is an endorsed CCAOSC program partner.

For further information, please contact:

County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation

County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation
John Leutz
CCAO Assistant Director
209 East State Street
Columbus, OH  43215-4309
614/221-5627 or 888/757-1904
Fax 614/221-6986 or

Kirkland Mizerek
Vice President
Palmer Energy Company
5577 Airport Highway – Suite 101
Toledo, OH 43615


Ohio Counties Participating in CCAOSC Natural Gas Program