CCAOSC Cost Recovery Services

Maximus currently provides cost plan services for the majority of Ohio counties. OMB Circular A-87 cost plans identify indirect costs in strict accordance with federal accounting standards, and are used as the basis for securing reimbursements for federal and grant contract sources. Full cost plans are also used to claim reimbursement from enterprise funds and fee-supported fund activities. Cost recoveries reduce or eliminate the need for general tax subsidies for these activities.

Maximus cost allocation plan services provide a double advantage for county taxpayers. Computer software is designed to maximize the revenues recovered by the county. Maximus cost plans identify the largest dollar amount of return permitted by federal cost sharing regulations. Additionally, because Maximus software and methods are federally accepted, service fees are reimbursable.

Maximus guarantees that federal and state agencies will accept plans for reimbursement purposes. Maximus files, negotiates, and secures plan approval from state and federal agencies. Maximus defends cost plans against federal and state audits. The Columbus office location and ongoing relationships with state officials provide added value for clients.

Maximus has provided consulting services in Ohio counties for over 30 years. Their seasoned project consultants work in a competent, professional manner. Maximus emphasizes client service. Clients receive personal and prompt responses on cost plan matters from service offices in Central Ohio and Northern Ohio.

Maximus is an endorsed CCAOSC program partner.
For further information, please contact:

Thomas Hollett, PMP
Senior Consultant/Consulting Services
2400 Corporate Exchange Drive – Suite 240
Columbus, OH 43231
614/447-0288 x 303 or 800/298-0288

Ohio Counties Participating in CCAOSC Cost Recovery Services