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CCAO Service Corp

The primary purpose of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) is to promote the best practices and policies in the administration of county government.  The major purpose of the CCAO is to provide legislative and policy representation before the General Assembly and state agencies.  CCAO also provides a variety of information, training, technical assistance and research services to county government.

An increasingly important function of CCAO is the provision of service programs for Ohio counties through the CCAO Service Corporation (CCAOSC).  Organized in 1991, the Service Corporation was formed to develop or sponsor services that benefit county government.  CCAOSC is a regular for-profit business corporation that has one share of stock that is owned by CCAO.  This separate corporation also protects the tax-exempt status of CCAO.

CCAOSC provides a variety of service programs to counties.  The four primary goals of these programs offered by the CCAOSC:

•  save money
•  offer better service
•  improve job satisfaction
•  hiring and retention of valuable county employees

CCAOSC does this by endorsement or sponsorship of service providers or through the direct provision and administration of services. Before a program is offered by CCAOSC, it is thoroughly researched and analyzed.  It is then presented to the CCAOSC Advisory Board for approval.

CCAOSC is constantly looking for new programs that will save counties money as well as generate revenue.  CCAOSC encourages you to enroll or further investigate these cost saving programs for your county.

For further information about any CCAOSC service program, please contact John Leutz, Assistant Director

County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation
209 E. State Street
Columbus, OH  43215-4309
614/221-5627 or 888/7571904