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CCAO Dedicates Interactive Display About Counties and the State Partnership to the Ohio Statehouse

The County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) unveiled and dedicated a vibrant, interactive display about counties and the vital state-county partnership to the Ohio Statehouse Map Room on Dec 8, 2021. CCAO President Tim Bubb, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, House Speaker Robert Cupp and Senate President Pro Tempore Jay Hottinger made remarks on the significance of the state-county partnership and how they saw the display as an opportunity to educate Statehouse guests on Ohio’s 88 counties.

“The goal of the display is to promote the vital and unique partnership between state government and Ohio’s counties,” CCAO President Tim Bubb said. “Counties are the arm of the state to deliver crucial services, and this is an interactive way to educate Statehouse guests who visit the map room and help them learn about the county they’re from and how Ohio’s 88 counties relate to each other.”

Twenty-five years ago, Ohio’s counties through CCAO raised $40,000 to help provide the popular county floor map in the Statehouse. This area of the statehouse, commonly referred to as the Map Room, is a central location for guests and school groups to organize and visit.

Now, a quarter century later, CCAO and Ohio’s counties gifted the interactive display that allows visitors to learn more about counties and the vital state-county partnership. Counties deliver critical services such as the justice system and law enforcement, infrastructure such as roads and bridges, social services, child and senior citizen protective services, election administration and more.

Attendees had the opportunity to view the exhibit and give the display a literal spin during the Open House following the ribbon cutting.

CCAO supports effective county government through legislative advocacy, education and training, quality enterprise service programs and a greater understanding of county government. By partnering with county commissioners, executives and council members, CCAO and its members work toward a shared goal of improving and advancing Ohio’s 88 counties. Stronger counties build a stronger Ohio.

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