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Stahl appointed to CORSA board of directors

The County Risk Sharing Authority (CORSA) announces that Ottawa County Commissioner Mark Stahl has been selected to serve on the CORSA board of directors. Mark was recommended by the selection committee and was unanimously appointed by the Board of Directors to fill the unexpired term of Commissioner Ryan Mack.

“It is an honor to be selected from member county commissioners to be a member of the CORSA governing Board of Directors. I look forward to supporting the mission of the CORSA board and member counties to provide property and liability coverage and risk management services. Ottawa county has been a member for many years and I am certainly proud to serve on this outstanding board as a commissioner from Ottawa county,” said Commissioner Mark Stahl.

“I welcome Commissioner Stahl to the board. Mark’s experience and knowledge will be invaluable to the CORSA Board and membership. I am excited that he agreed to share his expertise with CORSA and appreciate his dedication not only to Ottawa County but to CORSA as well. Mark will be a great asset as we look to the future to continue to offer superior services that will help counties protect their resources” said CORSA Managing Director John Brownlee.

Commissioners from CORSA member counties are eligible to serve on the board and are elected by the Board and the membership at the Annual Meeting held in September. Board members may serve four consecutive, three-year terms.

CORSA, established in 1987 by the County Commissioners Association of Ohio as a service program, is a self-insured property and liability pool for county government. Currently, 66 of the 88 counties are members.

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