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Huron County Commissioner Terry Boose to serve on ODOT advisory committee

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has recently begun an 18-month effort to study potential alternative revenue mechanisms to eventually replace the gas tax, including a potential new mileage-based user fee. The effort will be led by an External Advisory Committee.

CCAO is a key stakeholder in this effort and will be represented by Huron County Commissioner Terry Boose.  Commissioner Boose was the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee during his service in the General Assembly. The ODOT study is primarily focused on gathering the opinions of Ohioans on the topic of transportation funding, and on running a public education campaign to further inform Ohioans on the need for long-term, sustainable transportation funding, as well as on making high-level recommendations for the creation of new revenue mechanisms.

The Advisory Committee is currently slated to have seven meetings over the next 18 months. Members with questions or suggestions on topic may contact Commissioner Boose, or Senior Policy Analyst Jon Honeck,

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