President’s Message

A Message from 2020 CCAO President Carl Davis (Monroe County Commissioner)

Welcome to the County Commissioners Association of Ohio. I would like to begin by expressing my appreciation to the membership for electing me as your 2020 CCAO president.

Counties are tasked with delivering state mandated services and given limited specific authority as prescribed by The Ohio Revised Code.

As counties struggle to deliver mandated services with dwindling resources, we are faced with the added burden on our human services, children’s services, legal system and detention, due to the growing epidemic of drug addiction.

Looking forward, other priorities center around Jail overcrowding, crumbling roads and bridges, water quality, broadband, rural water and sewer and the list goes on.

As we enter the New Year, we need to continue to work with the Governor’s Office as well as our Legislature to strengthen our initiative, STRONGER COUNTIES, STRONGER PARTNERSHIP,  STRONGER OHIO. We made significant progress in the 2019 budget and transportation bills, but we need to continue to move forward.

The successes of CCAO are due to the hard work and determination of our membership and staff. CCAO board meeting attendees are updated on policy and legislative issues as well as presentations from our state partners. Board meetings are open to all county commissioners and council members.

As we enter the New Year, your involvement is more important now than ever before. With your continued support, we expect to make 2020 a very successful year.

Again, thank you for your support. I’m looking forward to serving as your CCAO 2020 president.