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Nominations for CCAO Officers and Board of Directors

From CCAO Nominating Committee Chair and Licking County Commissioner Tim Bubb:

To All County Commissioners, County Executives and County Council Members, 

CCAO President Glenn Miller has appointed me to serve as chair of the CCAO Nominating Committee for 2023.  Other members of the Committee include:

  1. Ron Amstutz, Wayne County
  2. Judy Dodge, Montgomery County
  3. John O’Grady, Franklin County
  4. Beth Seibert, Allen County

The CCAO Code of Regulations entrusts us with the responsibility of nominating candidates for the offices of president, first vice president, second vice president, secretary, treasurer, and eight members of the Board of Directors for a two-year term of office. 

In addition, the Committee will fill any vacancies in the event that members previously elected to serve in 2023 will not be returning to office or where a member forfeits office for non-attendance.  The CCAO Code of Regulations provides that the Board of Directors is composed of up to 35 members: 5 officers, 15 elected board members, 9 members appointed by the president, and the 6 most recent past presidents who still hold the office of county commissioner, elected executive, or member of the legislative authority of any charter county.

The Code of Regulations specifies that in order to be eligible to be nominated as an officer, an individual must be from a member county and has served a term of at least one year on the CCAO Board of Directors. In addition, the Code of Regulations limits the number of consecutive years a person can serve as either Treasurer (not more than three consecutive years) or Secretary (not more than one consecutive year). Also, persons serving in the offices of Treasurer and Secretary must be of different political parties. In addition, only one representative from a member county can serve on the Board of Directors.

The Code of Regulations assumes that the Nominating Committee will nominate the then-sitting Second Vice President for the office of First Vice President, and the then-sitting First Vice President for the office of President. Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor for these two positions. And, the CCAO President may serve more than one term as long as the years are not consecutive.

Nominations other than the Nominating Committee’s for the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, First Vice President and President, will only be accepted from the floor at the election.

In addition, the Nominating Committee should place on the ballot the names of all eligible candidates who have requested to be nominated to the office of Second Vice President.  The person receiving the highest number of votes at the election conducted during the annual business meeting would be elected to the office of Second Vice President.

The eight members whose terms to the Board expire this year include: Commissioners Tony Anderson (Fayette), Terry Boose (Huron), Sabrina Christian-Bennett (Portage), Jeff Fix (Fairfield), Dick Gould (Greene), DeAnna Holliday (Lawrence), Matt Old (Erie), Donnie Willis (Jackson).

The CCAO Code of Regulations provides the six most recent past presidents who still hold the office of county commissioner, executive, or county council and who elect to serve as a member, on the Board of Directors may have a seat.  In 2024 those individuals will include:  Glenn Miller (Henry), Debbie Lieberman (Montgomery), Tim Bubb (Licking), Julie Ehemann (Shelby), Mike Halleck (Columbiana) and Lenny Eliason (Athens).

The CCAO Board of Directors typically meets nine times a year, and attendance and participation is vital.  While there are circumstances where an individual cannot attend a meeting, this should not be the norm.  I must stress the fact that we need people who are committed to attending and engaging in a majority of the meetings.

The Nominating Committee Report will be published on the web at on November 22.  The Business Meeting for election of officers and board members is scheduled for Thursday, December 7, 2023.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor as described above.

If you are interested in serving on the Board for a two-year term or as an officer, please complete the Nominating Committee Request Form. You can request consideration for more than one office.  Also note that if you request consideration to serve on the Board for a two-year term and/or as an officer and are not nominated, your name will automatically be submitted for a Presidential Appointment to the Board of Directors.

Click here to fill out and return the candidate questionnaire with your CCAO Nominating Committee Form.

Finally, both forms must be returned no later than November 1, 2023, to the committee chair: Tim Bubb, 551 Kensington Dr., Heath, OH 43056, or by email at

In additionmail copies to CCAO, 209 E. State Street, Columbus, OH 43215-4309, in an envelope marked:  NOMINATING COMMITTEE – ATTENTION:  Robin Garrett or you may email your forms to

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tim Bubb at (740) 334-5387, or call CCAO Executive Director Cheryl Subler at (614) 746-8507.

Please remember the Code of Regulations requires each member county to designate an Official Representative and Alternate to cast the county’s vote at the Annual Meeting or any special meeting of the Association.

The designation of the Official Representative and Alternate for a county organized under the statutory form of county government is by resolution of the board of county commissioners. In the case of a county organized as a charter county, the elected executive designates, by a letter signed by the executive, the Official Representative and an Alternate. Please note in designating the Official Representative and Alternate, a member county may name only a county commissioner, executive or council member.

A memo explaining the process along with a sample Designation of Official Representative and Alternate Resolution and a sample letter for County Executives can be found on the CCAO Website at 

If you have not already done so, please send a copy of your resolution or letter designating your Official Representative and Alternate to Robin Garrett, CCAO, 209 East State Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215-4309 or at so that we may maintain a record of the names in our files for voting purposes.  

Should you have any questions or to confirm that we have received a copy of your resolution or letter, please contact Robin Garrett at 1-614-307-6399 or at

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