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State capital appropriations bill continues strong support for county jails

The County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) deeply appreciates the inclusion of $50 million for county jail facilities in the state capital appropriations substitute bill released today. CCAO thanks Governor Mike DeWine, House Speaker Bob Cupp, Senate President Matt Huffman as well as Chairmen Oelslager and Dolan and the entire General Assembly for their commitment to county jails and strengthening the state-county partnership.

“Ohio’s counties are grateful for Governor DeWine and the Ohio General Assembly’s leadership in making county jail funding a priority,” said CCAO President Debbie Lieberman. “This is a sound investment that will strengthen public safety and allow counties to address the growing and evolving needs of today’s criminal justice system.”

Aging county jail facilities across the state pose a significant challenge for counties. County jails are increasingly called upon to house growing numbers of inmates, especially those with mental health and addiction-related needs. Counties must modernize their jails to meet these new challenges, which often requires significant capital investment. A partnership with the state is crucial to making these critical projects financially viable for counties. Ohio’s counties are deeply grateful for the state’s continued support of this important program.

CCAO Statement on Capital Budget Support for County Jails 5.31.22

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