Collaboration and Shared Services

Beyond Boundaries:  A Shared Services Action Plan for Ohio Schools and Governments (2012)
Beyond Boundaries:  A Shared Services Action Plan – Website (2012)
Building a Better Ohio:  Creating Collaboration in Governance (2010)


Examples of collaboration and shared services

Lorain County Looks at Drug Treatment Program in Scioto County, Replicating Best Practices (January 2013)

Counties look at drug treatment program in Scioto

Lorain County has decided to implement a Naloxone program modeled after Scioto County’s “Project D.A.W.N. (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone).” The project was named after Leslie Dawn Cooper, a local woman who lost her life to prescription drugs.

Naloxone is a drug that has been used by emergency responders and hospitals for several years, to reverse the effects of an overdose. Lisa Roberts, RN, of the Portsmouth City Health Department said Naloxone has no potential for abuse; that it’s a safe drug and a harmless drug, and it can be administered inter-nasally by people who are minimally trained, when they are in a situation where somebody is overdosing.  Read more…


Montgomery County Unveils Plan to Boost Regionalization (January 2013)

County unveils plan to boost regionalization

The Montgomery County Commissioners, on Monday, previewed initiatives they believe will spur regional cooperation, boost educational attainment for citizens, and provide support to small businesses that have job growing potential. Each initiative has multiple action plans.

The commissioners have spent a year conducting community forums and gathering research to learn why other communities of similar size enjoyed more economic success and growth, while Montgomery County lost jobs and population.

Now, the commissioners say they are ready to put what they have learned into action.  Read more…


Auglaize County Gleans Best Practice from Montgomery County (January 2013)

The beet goes on: County saves, city studies use

County Engineer Doug Reinhart pours beet juice into a styrofoam cup. The beet juice and brine is used with a salt and limestone mixture to clear county roads.  A new additive to the Auglaize County salt-limestone mixture is cutting through ice on roadways and is helping to cut costs, the county engineer says.

Pouring a thick and frothy brown mix into a styrofoam cup, County Engineer Doug Reinhart said this beet juice, when mixed with brine and the salt-limestone mixture and spread by county snowplow crews as a new way to remove ice and clear roads, has proven to be a success so far this winter. Read more…