Boards Coordinating Council

The Boards Coordinating Council includes the CCAO President, 1st Vice President and Past President; CORSA President and Vice President; and CEBCO President and Vice President. Its purpose is to discuss administrative, personnel, and operational issues that affect all three legal entities and encourage a sharing of resources with efficient and coordinated management. The membership on the Council is the same as the membership of the LLC Board that has operational oversight of the new building.

Staff Contact

Executive DirectorCheryl Subler(614) 746-8507 | (888) 757-1904

Committee Members

Debbie Lieberman Montgomery County Commissioner and CCAO President

Tom Whiston Morrow County Commissioner and CCAO 1st Vice President

Tim Bubb Licking County Commissioner and former CCAO President

Cory Noonan Allen County Commissioner and CORSA President

Dave Wilson Guernsey County Commissioner and CORSA Vice President

Tony Bornhorst Shelby County Commissioner and CEBCO President

Christiane Schmenk Union County Commissioner and CEBCO Vice President