Compensation adjustments for elected officials, including county commissioners, passed both houses of the General Assembly late last week. Senate Bill 296 is the legislative vehicle which establishes pay parity between county officials and creates a cost of living adjustment for subsequent years.

Please take a moment to contact your state lawmakers and thank them for their support for the county elected official pay parity and COLA compensation package in SB 296. It took great effort on behalf of lawmakers to get us this far, so please be sure to thank them for their support. The following are lists of the vote breakdowns in both the House and Senate.

In case you missed it, SB 296 makes the following changes to county elected official compensation:

  • Provides five percent raises in 2019 and 2020 for county auditors, clerks of courts, commissioners, coroners, engineers, recorders and treasurers. A COLA of 1.75% begins in 2021 and runs through 2028.
  • Establishes a 1.75% COLA for county sheriffs, prosecutors and judges beginning in 2020 and runs through 2028.
  • For non-judicial county elected officials, the salary adjustments will take effect when they begin their next term of office after the bill’s effective date. An emergency clause is included in the bill, making the bill effective prior to the end of this year.

SB 296 is now being reviewed by Gov. Kasich, who may sign, veto, or allow the bill to become law after ten days without his signature. It has been reported that the governor is considering a veto, which would require an override vote of both houses for the law to still take effect.

Please take a moment to contact Gov. Kasich’s office and share that you would like to see the bill signed into law. The governor’s office can be contacted directly at (614) 466-3555 or you can email his office by using the following link. Hard copy letters can be directed to the following address:

Governor John Kasich
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 S. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Post-Christmas House and Senate sessions have been scheduled in anticipation of possible veto overrides. While thanking your lawmakers for their support thus far, please share with them that you would like to see an override if the governor ultimately vetoes the bill. Vote margins will be tight on a veto override, so our advocacy efforts over the next week are critical and we can’t do it without you!

Thank you again for all your efforts getting us to this point. If you have any questions, please contact CCAO staffer Cheryl Subler at 614-746-8507 or Adam Schwiebert at 419-966-6255.