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Doug Foust today steps down as CCAO’s managing director of health and wellness. Over the past few months, Doug worked towards a seamless transition handing the baton to Michael Kindell, who has been promoted from within CCAO.

After almost seven years as managing director of health and wellness, Doug said, “I am all happy for all the good, a little sad to say goodbye, and more than anything I am grateful….

  • for the opportunity to be a part of CCAO and to have contributed to the way it enhances the lives of Ohio’s public servants,
  • for the selfless service of all of the Commissioners who served on the CEBCO Board over the years,
  • for the dedicated and talented co-workers on the CEBCO team as well as those on the CCAO Administrative staff,
  • for the kindness and the good humor of everyone here – CORSA, Service Corp, my fellow Managing Directors, and finally,
  • for the supportive environment and leadership of Suzanne Dulaney that helped CEBCO grow in both size and scope of service.”

“I truly believe that with the steps we have taken to help our members become more aware, more engaged in their own health, having encouraged healthier choices and informed consumerism, all of these things have resulted in something well beyond just pooling of risk or leveling costs. We have helped people live better, longer, healthier lives. You can’t put a price on that. Even more that the growth of the program in terms of new counties added, it’s the programmatic design and development of which I am most proud. I am satisfied that we have – as a CCAO/CEBCO team – built a program that others respect and hold up as what it looks like when health insurance is done right, and we ARE impacting lives.”