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The General Assembly enacted legislation to distribute $350 million in federal CARES Act funds to Ohio local governments. The vehicle for these funds is House Bill 481, after the Senate amended the original provisions of Senate Bill 310 into the House bill. The bill is on its way to Governor DeWine for his signature.

House Bill 481 uses the Local Government Fund formula as the distribution mechanism. In order for the county treasury to receive funds for distribution to local governments, the county must register with the grants registration portal of the Ohio of Budget and Management (OBM). The registration portal can be found at Note that each jurisdiction will need a DUNS number to complete the registration. Directions for obtaining a DUNS number along with how to register it in the federal SAM are located at Please contact the Ohio Grants Partnership team at OBM at with questions.

In addition, in order to receive a distribution of funds for its own use, each county must pass a resolution pledging to follow CARES Act guidelines established by the US Treasury. If a county has already submitted a resolution to OBM referencing SB 310, it is not necessary to revise the resolution. For counties that have not yet passed a resolution, an updated sample resolution is attached that references HB 481. Completed resolutions should be emailed to grants@obm.ohio.govClick here for a sample resolution.