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Allen County Commissioner Cory Noonan today testified before the Ohio Senate Transportation Committee in support of substitute House Bill 74, particularly the language that increases force account limits. Under the bill, the limits would increase to $150,000 per mile for road work and $300,000 per mile for bridges.

“For many years, state law has recognized that certain projects can be done more efficiently and effectively without resorting to competitive bidding. In order to accomplish this policy goal, projects with estimated costs below certain thresholds are exempt from competitive bidding,” Noonan said in his testimony. “For counties, these thresholds, or force account limits, are $30,000 per mile for road work and $100,000 per mile for bridges. Unfortunately, these limits were established in 2003 and have not been adjusted since, despite significant increases in construction inflation.”

CCAO President Tim Bubb also wrote a letter to Senate President Matt Huffman expressing support for increasing the force account limits.

“CCAO members believe that the quality of our infrastructure has a tremendous impact on the economic development potential of our state. This change, which is long overdue, will improve counties’ ability to manage our constituents’ tax dollars in the most efficient manner possible,” Bubb said in his letter.

Click here for Noonan’s complete testimony. Click here for Bubb’s letter.