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CCAO Statewide Energy Summit – Feb. 7

CCAO and the CCAO Service Corporation (CCAOSC) will host a Statewide Energy Summit introducing our new Solar Power Initiative on Friday, Feb. 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel, 175 Hutchinson Ave. (I-270 and State Route 23), in Columbus. Lunch will be served after the meeting. There is no charge to attend.

Palmer Energy, the CCAOSC energy program partner, has continued to monitor the balance between the benefits of behind-the-meter and the economy of scale a large-scale solar array might offer in Ohio. Their ongoing research indicates Ohio based large-scale projects may offer a low enough cost per kWh without an escalator to make them highly competitive. The lack of an annual escalator at a reasonable price would create the potential of buying energy at a fixed price for 20 or 25 years.  In other words, it could be considered a price hedge. Plus, this energy would be 100% Ohio based renewable energy!

Offering a long-term price hedge at a fixed price would also allow counties that do not have the necessary site parameters for a behind the meter installation to participate with an overall percentage of say 20% or 25% of their total requirements. Even the counties that do have one or more potential sites, this type of approach would offer them an avenue to purchase from an array for the remainder of their facilities. Finally, this approach also mitigates risk associated with physical facility changes from moving, being sold, renovated, etc. over a long-term agreement. CCAO will be conducting an RFP process that will bring multiple options to participating Counties. Counties will also be able to keep the Renewable Energy Credits or potential sell them out into the market.

Commissioners, council members, county executives, administrators, clerks and facility managers are invited to attend and learn more about the array of services from this solar program to provide electricity to all 88 counties. The solar site has the potential to be the largest solar field in the state. This green energy at a competitive price will be “home grown” in Ohio and will not only be available to counties, but to all county residents.

Click here to register for this informational meeting.