Cyber Assessment Program

As more daily functions of county business are centered on computers and the web for storing and sharing information, the exposure to inefficient processes and potential security threats increases. CCAOSC has identified a need to assist counties with their IT needs with an emphasis on being placed on security so counties can better address the vulnerabilities of their IP networks.

CCAOSC has endorsed HG Consulting, LLC (HGC) to carry out our Cyber Assessment Program. HGC addresses cyber systems and cyber security by offering counties a wide range of cyber services now, including our signature external vulnerability scan and an informative, simple to read, follow-up report. This scan will look at a county’s external vulnerability and provides a detailed rating for vulnerabilities in your different platform areas.

Additionally, HGC offers the following cyber program services to counties at a discounted price to help address various levels of IT needs.


Many small and mid-sized counties find it difficult to justify having a chief Information officer (CIO) on staff to plan, budget and manage their every changing IT initiatives. A virtual CIO (vCIO) is a business expert who understands how to strategically apply technology to support the county organization and focus on business and IT alignment so costs go down and productivity and simplification go up.

The role of the vCIO is designed to take the pressure off the county leadership team by providing your organization with just the right amount of ongoing strategic IT guidance.

  • Organizations that engage in vCIO services see the following benefits:
  • Improved visibility and control over technology investments and expenditures
  • A more stable IT infrastructure
  • IT initiatives that are aligned with business goals
  • Improved Security Posture
  • IT Roadmap

Internal Vulnerability Scan & Assessment

While strong external security is paramount, savvy attackers have found ways to circumvent the firewall and other border protection devices. They often do so through client-side attacks, such as enticing users to click a link, open an infected document, and/or leading them to the attacker’s malicious website. Organizations must develop strong layers of internal security to prevent these attacks.

Our Internal Vulnerability Assessment will test and analyze a cross-section of the network that is typical or representative sample of a network whole. This cross-section will provide network administrators with information on how their internal systems could be compromised if an attack is able to circumvent perimeter defenses.

Network Best Practices Assessment

A county-wide network assessment provides a quick snapshot of the current network with an examination of the infrastructure, performance, availability, management and security. That information is utilized for making effective strategy recommendations and design proposals to the county concerning specific information systems modifications before implementing wireless network equipment or any other upgrades needed.

General IT Infrastructure & Security Consulting

Our IT consultants are familiar with the latest technologies and the best practices used to implement them. They have County operations in mind. Our IT consultants are able meet with the county to help determine the best technology to implement and then are able to help procure, design and install the solution. Our Professional Services team is intended to be an extension of your own county, an asset for you to utilize as needed to help you achieve success in an evolving environment. The expertise that we bring to the table will assist your technology teams with technology projects large or small.

HG Consulting, LLC is an endorsed CCAOSC program partner. HG Consulting is an independent IT expert corporation located in central Ohio that will not be upselling additional services to the county.

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