CCAOSC Solar Savings Initiative

The CCAO Solar Savings Initiative Program offers two excellent benefits by providing a pricing hedge against future electric energy costs and utilizing green energy through solar generation.

Over 50 counties have expressed interest and submitted letters of intent to participate in this program which will provide a fixed price for electric energy for a minimum of a twenty-year period.

Counties will consider allocating between 20-25% of their electric load to the program which will allow them to have load available for other opportunities that may develop in the future, enter into other renewable hedges or purchase power from newly emerging scalable energy generation sources under the program.

Our RFP seeking a developer to enter into a power purchase agreement with was issued this October. Responses are due in to Palmer Energy Company, our Energy Program manager, on or before January 15, 2021.

The CCAO Solar Power Purchase Program will allow a county to fix a competitive price obtained during this current very low electric market for a long period of time to maximize savings potential for the county and significantly benefit of your constituents.

For further information, please contact:

County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation
John Leutz
CCAO Assistant Director
209 East State Street
Columbus, OH  43215-4309
614/221-5627 or 888/757-1904
Fax 614/221-6986 or

Kirkland Mizerek
Vice President
Palmer Energy Company
5577 Airport Highway – Suite 101
Toledo, OH 43615


Ohio Counties Participating in CCAOSC Solar Savings Initiative