CCAO released its 2019-2020 legislative platform this week. The legislative platform details CCAO’s priorities and position statements on a wide array of issues facing county government and is developed through many hours of work from the members of CCAO’s policy committees.

This biennium’s platform highlights four key areas that, if enacted, will work to build a stronger partnership between state and county government, thereby improving the quality of life for the residents of Ohio.

  1. Revenue Stability
    The state must dedicate adequate resources to counties to ensure that counties, as the state’s agent, can successfully accomplish the state’s mission at the local level.
  2. Economic Development
    County government must be given an even greater role in promoting a climate that encourages strong economic growth. Modern, well-maintained public infrastructure, coupled with a dependable, skilled workforce are vital when it comes to attracting businesses to Ohio’s communities.
  3. Preservation of the Sales Tax Base
    Protecting county resources by preserving the sales tax base is critically important for county fiscal stability. The sales tax has become the most important revenue source for both the state and for counties, yet the General Assembly continually carves out new exemptions from the sales tax. Ohio must protect the existing sales tax from further erosion and carve outs.
  4. County Government Reform
    There is merit in working to strengthen the partnership between state and county government through engaging in a serious discussion about county government reform. Counties stand ready and willing to launch a total reform of county government, even though attempts for large scale change have proven difficult in the past. If Ohio is not ready to take on a comprehensive reform effort, it should consider, at a minimum, providing commissioners with greater budgetary control and management.

The platform contains CCAO’s positions on many other county issues as well. Should you have any questions regarding the platform, please contact any member of the CCAO policy team.