The County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) thanks House Speaker Bob Cupp, Reps. Jason Stephens and Jay Edwards, and the Ohio House of Representatives for today’s passage of House Bill 101, which establishes an ongoing process by which the state can help counties with one of their most urgent needs: the replacement and renovation of aging county jail facilities.

“Counties provide the foundation for the administration of the justice system in Ohio. This funding mechanism will help allocate future state investments into county jail construction and renovation to help counties provide safe and secure jail facilities, which ultimately promotes public safety,” said CCAO President Tim Bubb.

Ohio’s county jails by their nature are faced with continued costly updates and repairs to the structural, mechanical and operating systems in order to provide an environment that is capable of addressing and managing the challenges of the inmate population. CCAO has expressed concern that in many instances, county jails are unable to adequately perform their mission within the criminal justice system due to their age and structural conditions. State capital funding for county jail construction and renovation, therefore, is a major priority for counties.