The County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) is excited to debut a new logo designed to promote unity and cohesion throughout the association as well as modernize and expand an established brand that has long worked to advance county government.

“We are pleased to present the newly adopted logo concept for our association of counties. A refresh and redesign were overdue, as our previous logo became dated and lost impact,” said CCAO President Tim Bubb. “The timing for a new logo image is perfect as we conclude the strategic planning process for the next decade for CCAO, and this logo concept will go well with the new logos for CORSA, CEBCO and the CCAO Service Corporation. The goal in all cases to present a contemporary and appealing image that will serve us well in the years ahead.”

The new logo is the result of a several month development process that involved both outside design expertise from Katie Redinger at Inverso Creative as well as guidance from within the association.

“CCAO is looking to the future, and it is important that we have a strong brand as we grow and evolve to meet our members’ needs. Now more than ever, it is crucial counties have the resources they need to deliver vital services to the people they serve,“ said CCAO Executive Director Cheryl Subler. “I’m very appreciative of the work done by our members, and we have a strong, vibrant logo that will serve us well as we work to build stronger counties for a stronger Ohio.”