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Late this morning, the Ohio House and Senate successfully voted to override Gov. Kasich’s veto of Senate Bill 296. The override cleared the Senate by a vote of 25-6 (2 absent or excused) and the House by a 71 – 16 margin (11 absent or excused). Amongst other provisions, the bill contains compensation adjustments for all state and local elected officials along with board of elections members.

Specifically, for local elected officials the bill makes the following changes:

  • Provides five percent raises in 2019 and 2020 for county auditors, clerks of courts, commissioners, coroners, engineers, recorders and treasurers. A COLA of 1.75% begins in 2021 and runs through 2028.
  • Establishes a 1.75% COLA for county sheriffs, prosecutors and judges beginning in 2020 and runs through 2028.
  • Provides board of elections members with a 1.75% COLA in 2019 through 2028.
  • For non-judicial county elected officials, the salary adjustments will take effect when they begin their next term of office after the bill’s effective date (Dec. 27, 2018).

Please take a moment to thank your state lawmakers who supported this veto override. A post-Christmas lame duck veto override is incredibly rare, and it would not have been possible without the significant efforts of many lawmakers. The followings links provide the vote breakdowns from the House and Senate.

Additionally, thank you for all your efforts in reaching out to lawmakers to share your support of this important bill. We would not have been able to get this bill past the finish line without the advocacy efforts of many commissioners and other local officials.

CCAO is working on a County Advisory Bulletin (CAB) with updated salary figures for county elected officials, judges and county board of elections members.

Because of today’s legislative action, county commissioners who take office January 1, 2019 will receive a 5 percent increase on the commissioners’ base salary. County auditors will receive a 5 percent adjustment when they start their new term in March. And, board of elections members will receive a cost of living increase of 1.75 percent January 2019, since they are not subject to the constitutional prohibition of in-term pay raises.

Keep in mind that prior law provides county prosecutors and sheriffs along with judges a 5 percent increase in 2019.

Commissioners who are in-term will receive the adjustments from SB 296 when they begin their next term of office in 2021. This also applies to clerks of court, coroners, engineers, recorders and treasurers along with the sheriffs and prosecutors who will receive future cost of living increases.

Again, CCAO is working on a CAB with specific dollar figures. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact CCAO Staffers Cheryl Subler (614-746-8507) or Adam Schwiebert (419-966-6255) or email at and